Mediation is the process whereby parents who cannot agree on parenting time and decisions involving their child or children meet with a neutral third party. The third party has been trained to assist the parties to settle the disputed issues between themselves.  Often one party simply believes they are not being heard.  Attorney Loos sees the issues from the point of view of the children and how the children are affected. Currently, she has a 93% success rate in helping families reach a resolution through mediation and avoid costly litigation in the court system.

While the Agreements reached in mediation are non-binding until ordered by the Court, everything said during the mediation process is confidential; it is a process for both parties to feel free to discuss the issues openly. When the parties reach an agreement, Attorney Loos will prepare the appropriate documentation, the parties will review and approve the document, then the Agreement can either be submitted to the parties’ attorneys for entry by the court, or presented to the Court directly by the parties, when there are no attorneys of record.

Mediation is possible even before a case is filed with the Court, when both parties consent, simply by calling the office.

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